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Passionate about video production and webcasting, specializing in
communication for the Web and social media.






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« I've had the privilege of working with Obox.Studio for the past seven years in a variety of roles at different companies, and their impact has been nothing short of extraordinary. Their deep understanding of local culture and industry trends is evident in the exceptional AV services they provide. While they execute event logistics flawlessly, they are also visionary, proactive, think big, understand the big picture, and excel at crafting compelling client stories. Obox.Studio continues to raise the bar in delivering high quality video productions. »

« I did two seasons of Sauve ma Recette with the Obox tribe and I worked with a team of "youngsters"... And I NEVER felt old! Except once I think... But I forgot....;). For real, only JOY!!! »

« Unrivalled expertise, rigour and professionalism in every respect. A team that listens to our needs, reacts quickly, understands our challenges and takes our projects to the next level! »

« We've been working with Obox on a regular basis for several years now. It's always a pleasure to work with the agency. The service offered and delivered is always of the highest quality. Depending on the diversity of our mandates, they know how to capture our emotionally rich moments through their lens. »

« Creativity in ideation and in the search for solutions, is the key to transforming obstacles into opportunities. Always with the customer's objectives and reality in mind. When you work with Obox, you can be sure that your ideas will materialize before your very eyes, and become high-quality, successful projects. »

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